Sunday, November 18, 2012

I'm officially official

I am officially baptized!!!!! Yesterday mommy and daddy and all my family and lots of friends came to watch me start my new life as a Christian boy. The ceremony was at St. Bernadette's Catholic Church in the mountains of NC and it was a perfect, beautiful day!!

We started the ceremony with a prayer for my brother Jackson William, who is my forever angel protecting and watching over me and making me stronger every day!! Then my God parents Aunt Mollie, Aunt Kelly, and Uncle Sam stood up with me and mommy and daddy as we said lots of prayers and I was anointed with different baptism oils. Finally we went to the entrance of the church with everyone and my God parents and mommy and daddy held me while the priest poured water over my head (luckily Father Hall knows my hated of cold water and warmed up some fresh holy water for me!!!) and officially baptized me.

It sure feels good to be an official member of God's family!! I know He's already been watching over and protecting me for a long time, but it feels good to know His arms are around me forever now. It's also nice to say thank you to Him for listening to all those prayers from family, friends, and strangers who prayed so hard for me, He certainly listened! It was really, really nice meeting all my family, finally, and seeing some of my bestest friends! I feel so loved and so very special, thank you to everyone who drove so far to spend my special day with me! I'm so lucky to have so many amazing people in my life ♥

After the ceremony we shared a nice dinner together where I was able to spend more qualify time with my family and friends. Then today we had a yummy breakfast with some people that stayed the night and we even made a road trip to Boone for my first Mountaineer experience!! There's no doubt in my mind where I'm going to college, Appalachian State is the place for me :-) I even look good in black and gold (and so does Father Hall!!)  Hehe

All this attention and excitement has definitely worn me out, and I'm still feeling a little sick, so I'm due for a good night's sleep tonight!! Here are some pictures from my perfect weekend.... more to come!

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  1. He is just so darn cute! Congrats on the baptism...such a special day! And a special way to celebrate Jackson as well. :)