Sunday, November 4, 2012

Not Meant to be...

So, our weekend plan was to go BOATING on the intercoastal for a couple of hours since the weather has been so beautiful and I've never been boating before. I made sure I got a good night's sleep on Friday night and woke up smiling Saturday morning ready for my first Salt Life adventure...

Ok ok I'll get up....

We're going boating you say??

Daddy washed the boat while mommy and I packed the cooler, towels, and sunscreen and got ready to go...

Got my shorts and swimmy shirt on, sunglasses and flip-flops are packed

Unfortunately.... it wasn't meant to be.... we drove through our neighborhood to head toward the highway and the water when suddenly we heard a big scraping sound!! Daddy stopped the car and got out to inspect the boat and THIS is what he saw....

That part isn't supposed to be on the ground :(

The rust finally got the best of our boat trailer and it fell apart! Can you BELIEVE it?! That's not supposed to happen. Daddy had to call all over town to find a tow truck that could tow our boat to a trailer place! It took forever just to get it on the truck and once we finally got there the trailer started falling apart, joint by joint!

Finally on the tow truck

The tongue broke as the boat came off the truck

the trailer finally had enough

Luckily mommy and I got a ride back to the house and we hung out and cleaned the house instead. Mommy and daddy and I were pretty sad that we didn't get to go boating.... but we are SUPER grateful that the trailer broke down in our neighborhood and not on the highway because we could have gotten really hurt if it had! God was watching out for us for sure!!!

We spent our Saturday hanging out in the backyard and doing a little winter clothes shopping instead, which was just fine with us :)

what do you think of the bulldog?

or do you like the furry look instead?

Playing outside

getting tired

letting them know I wasn't happy

working out my tongue

wow my hands are really cool

whatever you guys say :)

trying on daddy's shades....I look GOOD

Today we've spent the day watching BOTH my football teams win, wahoo :) It was nice sleeping in a little this morning although it's dark outside really early today! This week is pretty busy with therapy and doctor's appointments so I'm going to be a busy body! I'll keep everyone posted.... 


  1. That sucks!!! I guess those rusty spots actually did mean something! It looks like you guys still managed to enjoy your Saturday though!

    Love the glasses Wesley...I actually have a pair that will fit you when you come up here!