Friday, March 15, 2013

Remembering my brother....

Yesterday was a day to remember and honor my twin brother Jackson William Lindsey!!! He is forever my personal angel... always watching over me and visiting my dreams... he keeps me calm and makes me strong and never leaves my side :)

We decided we will always have a family adventure on Jackson's day to honor him, sooooo this year was a trip to the Miami Zoo! I've never been to a zoo so this was a whole new experience for me :) Mommy has been teaching me the animal names in English and Spanish for EVER now so it was super fun to meet these guys in person!!! We started the day with a mass at St. B to pray for Jackson, then we went to daddy's favorite restaurant for breakfast, Cracker Barrel... then off to the zoo.... :)

Breakfast at Cracker Barrel

No mommy I don't want anything thanks

Family picture at ZooMiami

I'm READY!!!

Here we go

BIG tortoises

This camel was sooo funny, he just kept walking laps around his area! Must have been his workout for the day :)

Break for some fun with water

I LOVE water fountains

Ooooh that's cold daddy

All those snakes and frogs made me tired so daddy and I are taking a break

YES!!! All rested, let's continue :)

Daddy, can I borrow your sunglasses?

Hey, even I need a break!

I got a 20 minute snooze in

Not quite awake yet, but mommy said Giraffes and I couldn't resist

Look at those beauties!!

My FAVORITE elephantes

All done :(

Mommy and I had a little fun with the camera....


  1. What is that high chair "contraption" at Cracker Barrel? I love it!!

  2. Girl, I am sitting here with tears in my eyes over your special JAckson day. What a precious way to honor that precious lil' angel! And I just can't get over Wesley - he is so amazing. And YOU are amazing, my dear. Wesley's birthday is every bit a celebration of YOU and Pat. You two are such warriors and if I had gold medals for AMAZING Parents you would be the first to receive. :-) Love you all and am so proud of you!!! Happy Belated Birthday Wesley!!!