Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cadillac Championship

I am officially a golf fan now :) Last weekend was daddy's big tournament and the reason he has been away from us for so long... it's called the WGC Cadillac Championship and it's down in Miami in a city called Doral on the TPC Blue Monster golf course. My uncles Pierce and Mike came down to hang out with me on Friday morning and after a quick "hi" and a big breakfast we finally made our way down south. As soon as we got there daddy had presents for me!!!! I got a toy golf cart and airplane and two WGC Cadillac hats... see Exhibit A below :)

Ready to hit the course with Uncle Mike

Daddy showing us around

Not to brag or anything, but I also got an extra special badge with my picture and name on it with "ALL ACCESS." Only a few people during the whole tournament get all access so I was feeling pretty special!!

I have to say, I don't think I've ever met SO many people in such a short period of time before in my life (as short as that has been)!! SO many people came to see me and meet me and play and talk and smile and laugh... it was exhausting, but I soaked up every minute!! I was sure to give every last one of them a smile and I even gave away a few laughs to my favorites..... 

My favorite Ms. Karen!!

Father Hall flew all the way down from Jersey to visit

My favorite Father :) 

Visiting with my FAVORITE Aunties Jody and Briana

We did LOTS of walking around the golf course (well they walked and I enjoyed the ride) watching different golfers and checking things out. I was SUCH a good boy too, I guess golf is kind of a quiet spectator sport (not like that football and basketball I always see mommy and daddy watching and yelling at), so whenever mommy said "shhhhh" I just smiled at her and watched the golfers or the people around me or the duckies playing in the ponds :) We checked out the merchandise tent (to see if there was anything else I wanted daddy to pick up for me) and even let uncle Pierce and Mike play with the cars and golf clubs...

Uncle Mike testing out the road course

Uncle Pierce went for Daytone... 3/10s off the leader :)

Don't let his stance fool you...

Neither boy got passed the tee markers

There was a HUGE iguana sitting on the 18th tee watching the golfers tee off... do you think he had to buy a ticket too? 

Hanging out with Uncle Mike after a long day of walking

I was pretty exhausted by the end of each day but like I said, I was a trooper!! There was a fashion show on Friday night and DJ Taboo from some funny band called Black Eyed Peas came on Saturday night.... I held on as long as I could with my uncles but, mommy didn't want me partying too late so we hit up daddy's hotel room while the boys had fun!!

My uncles having fun waiting for the fashion show to start

I didn't last long

Snuggled up on daddy's bed

Dinner with the boys before the DJ came out

Happy for some food

Working my tongue

Once again I didn't last long... mommy gave me a nice hot bath and I was out like a light!

Sunday was my favoritest day... I dressed my best and was ready to hit the course with the fam...

Aston checking out my golfing gear

We watched some golfers tee off on hole 1 to start, then we followed Ricky Fowler (one of my favorites) through the first nine holes until I started getting hungry! Mommy let me take a nice restful nap in daddy's room before the big finale on 18.... TIGER WON!!!!!!!!

Our view from the International Club on 18 Green

This is the life

Posing with Uncle Pierce

Mommy and I ready to see Tiger

The whole gang on 18

Hanging out with my boys

If you look close you can see daddy in the front left leaning against the trophy stand :)

Tiger won and the crowds were CRAZY!!!!! We had so much fun and I can't wait to do it again next year :) So proud of daddy and so happy to have him home again!!! Golfing is definitely my kind of game...

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