Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cici & Grandpa are here!

CICI AND GRANDPA ARE HERE!!! YAY!!! I've been waiting for a long long long time for them to come see me and the day finally arrived yesterday :) They made the long 12 hour trek starting on Friday and finally arrived yesterday afternoon!!! Daddy and mommy and I spent most of yesterday cleaning in anticipation of their arrival and since it's been so SO hot down in Florida this weekend I even squeezed in a little swim in my kiddie pool :) I'm QUITE the fan of water lately.... I discovered the bathtub faucet a few weeks ago and haven't been able to get enough of it since. Mommy tried to find a connector for the bathtub faucet to slow down the flow of the water so we don't run out of hot water so quickly while I'm playing in it.... but she couldn't find anything good so I've resorted to taking tubs in the kitchen sink (now that I'm a good sitter). I am a BIG fan!!! Endless water and my little toosh fits perfectly in the sink :)

A grumpy bath

Silly daddy

I got shots at the pediatrician's office this week :( HOW COULD THEY?!?!?! I already feel yucky, and have for a while with this nasty snot in my nose, and they decide to add to my misery with a couple of shots?? Sigh.... I, of course, developed a fever, and a really bad attitude for a couple days after but I've since recovered.... I took off from therapy for most of the week but I have to say it hasn't slowed me down one bit! Mommy is starting to think that we might stay home more and go there less because I seem to excel on the days/weeks when we don't go!! My two big accomplishments this week..... saying syllables again :) Remember I used to say them way, way back after Christmas, but as quickly as I learned how to say them, I  just as quickly forgot :( BUT, I am happy to report I have found them again... my favorite is "mamamamamama" or "ama" or "b, b, b, b." Mommy and daddy keep trying to get me to say "da da da da," but they need to be PATIENT, one step at a time people!!!

My second big accomplishment is figuring out how to roll. Now I know I've been working on this task for QUITE some time and it's been a BEAR of a task. First of all, how well would you roll if you had very little control over your right arm and leg? My arm always gets stuck underneath me when I try to roll to my right, and it just won't move into position when I try to roll to my left.... I managed to figure out how to roll off my belly in one direction, but mommy insists I do it BOTH ways (still working on that one). Thankfully, though, I have figured out how to roll ONTO my belly from my back.... in EITHER direction!!!!!!! Y A Y!!!!!! That may not seem like a big deal but for me, after months and months of hard work, I am happy to be mobile, even if it's just from side to side! Now I have better access to the toys I want to play with and can roll away from mommy when she tries to change my diaper (I like giving her a hard time sometimes). Now mommy is trying to get me to put weight on my arms and hold myself up... something about crawling??? I use my arms to reach for toys and grab people's faces (noses and hair are my favorite), NOT to hold myself up! That's HER job!!! Unfortunately she doesn't realize that so while she thinks she's teaching me, I'm the one in fact teaching her, hehe! 

Did I mention, btw, that I have grown so much that I graduated to the big boy car seat??? I'm not any more a fan of it than the last one I had, but at least my legs don't hang off the edge of this one and I can sit up a little more...

How do I look??

We have a VERY busy week ahead of us.... tomorrow Aunt Mollie is flying in and we're planning to go swimming at Doral again (wahoo!). Then we have a baseball game, tennis tournament, boating, and some Easter fun planned!!! I can't WAIT :)

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