Friday, March 1, 2013

A Productive Week

This week I accomplished TWO things... first I passed my swallow study over at the hospital. It was a harrowing experience, but I survived. The speech therapist wasn't allowed to put any food in my mouth or try anything with me until I passed the swallow test (even though mommy's been giving me stuff for months now).  It wasn't so bad at first, they put a cute gown on me and I got to sit in this cool roller coaster ride looking seat.... then this crazy lady tried to put a bottle in my mouth. What EXACTLY did she want me to do with it??? Mommy told her I wouldn't suck on it but they thought I might still get some drops out by munching on the nipple.... HA! I made it very clear very quickly that I wasn't interested.... I thought I was going on a ride or something in this chair, not drinking nasty white stuff!!

When that didn't work the lady filled my favorite spoon up with thicker white stuff, held my arms down (big mistake), and forced the spoon into my mouth. At this point I wasn't just upset, I was downright mad... and I let EVERYONE know it! I screamed for the rest of my time in the chair as she forced more and more white stuff in my mouth. I basically had to swallow this nasty tasting dye to see if I aspirated any of it back up.... luckily I didn't, although it wasn't easy swallowing and screaming at the same time. I'm officially "allowed" to have food now, although like I said mommy kind of already knew that and has been attempting to get me to eat for months. Unfortunately, just because I CAN have food, doesn't mean I WANT it, or that I know how to eat it! It's a start though, and my speech therapist was happy :)

Un-expecting me ready for my ride

Mommy gave me Cool Whip in my high chair the other day and for once I actually LIKED it!! Usually I won't touch whatever mess she's trying to get me into, but the pile of white cream was just too tempting for me to pass up... it turned out to be fun and super yummy... and I got a nice warm bath afterward so it was a win win for me :)

What is THIS??

Having way too much fun

I'm an artist!!

I LIKE it mommy

Ohhh, let me do a little concentrated mixing here

How does it taste?



I have graduated, as I've said, to big boy 12 month clothes now so mommy went through my closet the other day to get rid of the old and bring in the new.... and she found all KINDS of awesome clothes that I got from friends at my coming home party way back in the day. She thought I'd never fit in those so she had stuffed them in the back of the closet.... funny how perspective works! It's like I have a whole new wardrobe now... lots of basketball shorts and t-shirts and handsome Puma gear and even some army camo outfits :)

Mommy and I all dressed up

What do you think?

Shhhh, don't tell daddy

Yeah I'm a stud :)

I rock the Puma

Blending in with my camouflage PJs

My second giant accomplishment this week is learning how to roll from my belly to my back.... FINALLY!!! I always feel so helpless on my belly which is partly why I hate being on it! I figured out, though, how to shift my weight with my head just enough to tilt me backward off my belly.... it works PERFECT! Now anytime mommy tries to make me sleep on my belly I just roll to my left.... mwahahahahahah :) When I'm really motivated I can actually roll back ONTO my belly... however there are very few things that I want bad enough to complete this action so I don't often use this skill :)

Mommy gets pretty excited every time I roll over

Playing with mommy in my room

Hiiiiiii mom

I have figured out how to roll to my side and hit my rainforest music box on when I wake up in the mornings... one of my favorite toys!!!


Sometimes I fall down in my "baby jail"..... 

sometimes more gracefully than others... 

In other news I got some AWESOME surprise books in the mail this week from my Aunt Kelly and my Cici and Grandpa... mommy and I kind of have a little obsession with books and these were a PERFECT addition to our collection :) We've already read them so many times we almost have them memorized!

Valentine's day treats

I love books about animals

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