Thursday, March 7, 2013

Missing Daddy Week

This week has been another long week without daddy :( BUT, mommy says he's coming home on Monday HOORAY :) That means only four more nights without him... in the meantime mommy and I went to visit him at Doral tonight and while we were hanging out with him he introduced me to SOOOO many new people. I LOVE meeting new people, plus I got to see my favorite Auntie Emma (who was making me giggle she's so funny). Now I'm exhausted!! Literally, I fell asleep accidentally on mommy's shoulder while we were at dinner... oops.

I'm super excited because tomorrow kicks off a week and a half of exciting adventure. First my Uncle Pierce and Uncle Mike are driving to see me RIGHT NOW! They'll be here first thing in the morning and we're all going to hang out all weekend and go to the golf tournament together (poor mommy, she's the odd girl out!). I can't wait!!!! Then next Wednesday is a BIG BIG day for me.... I'm turning O-N-E!!!! Can you believe it, I'm an old soul :) Then Thursday we are celebrating and remembering my twin brother Jackson.... Saturday is one of my best best friend Marcus' 1st birthday party... and Sunday mommy and daddy and my BFFs Jacob and Jeremy and I are all going to see Thomas the Train in Miami :) :) :) I CANNOT wait, this week is going to be the BEST!

Not much to tell about this past week at home with mommy.... we had a nice calm few days. I decided to go easy on my poor physical therapist and go after my speech therapist instead haha. I'm getting better at rolling off my belly onto my back (although mommy is trying to get me to roll the other way now too... why would I go that way when I'm so good at going the way I know?). I'm also starting to figure out this rolling ONTO the belly business. I don't have much reason to use such a skill (I would never voluntarily go ONTO my tummy!), but mommy insists I learn it anyway and I'm starting to figure it out... slowly... slowly... Mommy's also trying to get me to put more weight on my right leg (which I don't appreciate) since I use it for balance more than actual weight bearing. I have this super fun giant sized cube my Mamie got me for Christmas that sings and spins with little blocks on top, so Mommy let's me stand and hit the blocks off it while they spin around... unfortunately nothing can just be FUN, I always have to work! She keeps trying to get me to hold on with my hands and use my arms to keep myself up... but I can't do that AND stand with weight on my right leg AND hit the blocks off all at the same time, what is wrong with her??? I JUST WANT TO PLAY!!!

Anyway.... here are some pictures from my week :)

Rocking the stripes PJs

Walkin' with mommy in the beautiful weather

So apparently I have allergies like daddy because the pollen has been really bad down here and the weather is all over the place and every morning I wake up with a stuffy nose and boogery sneezes!! Mommy has been letting me sleep on the boppy to try and help my nose, although I end up wiggling too far backwards sometimes and I'm pretty sure that's counterproductive!

GOOD MORNING mommy, pictures already??

Ok I'll give you ONE smile

My new shades from Aunt Kieran! They work GREAT!! She sent me a whole BOX of clothes on Monday, it felt like Christmas hehe... thanks Aunt Kieran, I'm rocking all the clothes for you!

I'm not in the mood right now mommy I'm tired

Ahhh, much better... I'm always up for pictures after a nice long nap!

Getting ready to go for another walk :)


Hi !!

Mommy let me sleep naked the other night (with a diaper of course) because I was really hot and woke up screaming and couldn't go back to sleep... she finally swaddled me (a last resort effort) and I fell fast asleep. I woke up feeling f a n t a s t i c :)

I love swinging outside with mommy

Ok so I took a naked nap too.... I can't help it, I get really hot sometimes

I didn't start my nap over there btw... when I woke up I turned my music box on, but I didn't want to roll to my left (it's a personal preference) to watch it so, I figured out if I arch hard enough to my right and keep wiggling I can get the view I really want.... problem was I just keep on wiggling til I wiggled right past the darn music box :) 

Mommy had this crazy idea to try colored bath bubbles in the sink

Ummm... not really sure what she was thinking

I wasn't a big fan... of the sink, or the bubbles (I like my spacious WHITE bath tub where I can see ALL my toys)

So mommy drained out the bubbles and gave me a REAL bath in my baby tub, ha!

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  1. LOL, colorful bubbles are awesome...just wait til you have colored water and suddenly you are bathing in a green swamp or brown murky stuff, doesn't feel like you are getting very clean then!