Friday, March 15, 2013

My 1st Birthday!!!

If pictures say 1,000 words.... then these should tell my birthday story :)

A full year of ME

Happy birthday to ME!

I woke up a little grumpy I'll admit

WHOA look at these!!

Ooooohhhh this looks like fun
Pictures, really mom?
Yeah, it's my brother's and my birthday

I'm a big boy now

I think I'm gonna like this wagon thing

My Mickey Mouse balloon!!

Really mommy, I have to help make my OWN cake??

Sigh... fine, let's get to it

Is this everything?

Got my supplies, I'm ready

I need to test the batter!!

Rainbow cupcakes

I tested all the colors to make sure they were ok!

What happens if we mix them together mommy?

And we're DONE!

Bath time to wash all that batter off

Happy birthday to me....

Happy birthday to me...



What'd you think mommy?

Yeah I know, I have a good voice

Baths are the BEST!

Another song mommy?

This is the life!

All clean

Haha... yep it's still my birthday

BIG SMILE for the camera

Oh you want another song??

What'd you think of that version mommy?


This water is AWESOME

Have I mentioned how much I love water??

This is SO much fun...

... and the water is JUST the right depth...


All that water and sunshine wore me OUT

Presents time

Ooooohhhh a gummy night light!!


Converses... need I say more

My first birthday wish

Ummm, how do I blow this thing out guys?

You'll help me, awesome!!!

Mommy is a good helper!

Yep, I made my wish!

Ok so we all know I'm not going to eat this thing....

But BOY was it fun to play with

All this sticky gooey frosting...

and the cupcake was just like a ball, my favorite

It rolled just like a ball too

and was nice and squishy

I did attempt a taste

I think I got more on my face than in my mouth

More pics to follow.... :)


  1. Love the sign pictures....and that fabulous Gummy Bear Nightlight!!! Happy Birthday, little man! We miss you and wish we could have celebrated with you...we'll be seeing you soon!!!


    Aunt Kieran, Uncle Jonathan and Sebastian

  2. Such cuteness! Love all the birthday fun and Jackson day! He will LOVE his wagon. We cart that thing to the beach and all around the yard.