Sunday, November 9, 2014

Addendum to Muscle Development post

I knew I forgot a couple things... here's an addendum to the Muscle Development post....

* Bubbles!!!! Wes has always loved bubbles and I was SO excited when he finally figured out that you are supposed to pop the bubbles!! The way we get him to use his right hand with bubbles is with the bubble stick. I'll blow a bunch of bubbles, then catch a bubble with the stick.... then I have him reach up to pop the bubble with his right hand. I hold the bubble stick up high (to make sure his arm has to go up) with the bubble dangling down, and after repeatedly doing this and prompting him to use his right arm, he's now in the habit of always reaching with his right hand! WIN

* Brown Bear Slide and Find book - I'm always trying to find interactive ways to get Wes to engage in reading books with me and the Brown Bear (slide and find version) book has been FANTASTIC! Each page has a little window that slides open to reveal the animal that will appear on the next page. We read each page, I have him point to the animal on the page, he slides the window open with his left (good) hand, then once we see the animal he uses his right hand to slide the window back closed and turn the page. He needs help with this because he doesn't have control over his fingers or the pressure he needs to slide the window back closed, but at least he puts his right hand up and goes through the motion to complete the task!

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